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Hi! I'm Linda Meredith

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

Have you ever wondered how the bad things that happened in your childhood changed you and continue to impact your life? Like you, I had the bad things happen in my childhood and they turned my adulthood into a train wreck, repeatedly. More than anything I wanted to be free of Complex Ptsd and to have the life I believed I was designed to live. Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk says it this way "Trauma affects the entire human organism—body, mind, and brain. In (c)PTSD the body continues to defend against a threat that belongs to the past." For me the question then became how do I get off this defence system? Lots of practical experience, lots of years of study, and I'm winning the defence system battle. No longer do I suffer from crippling anxiety that came with mini epileptic seizures, no longer does depression rule my life, and the journey to breaking free means I know intimately what will work and what won't work. I know who I am, why I am here, and where I'm headed. None of which was possible prior to doing the work. If you're ready I can now teach you and fully equip you to break free more time and cost effectively and more importantly more permanently than spending decades talking in a therapists office. #togetherwecan
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The Silence has to Cease

Breaking Intergenerational Trauma for Healthy Lives

And here's what I know. The Silence Has to Cease. The silence in families where we don't communicate beyond the surface, the external of our lives, has to be broken. We have to be the generation who consciously chooses to break free of all the multigenerational trauma handed down genetically and generationally. It's a choice.

We are the first generation with the language and science to back it up. We have to make a conscious choice to break the silence handed down through the family systems to ensure our children and our children's children have healthier, functioning relationships and cease to hand down the intergenerational trauma.

If we don't begin to take action now we will have a continuing mental health crisis worldwide - for generations.

“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself…The critical issue is allowing yourself to know what you know. That takes an enormous amount of courage.” 

Bessel A. van der Kolk  - The Body Keeps the Score

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Client Reviews

Reviews are from genuine clients whose identities remain private. Until we can speak openly about Mental Health with our family, friends and work colleagues their confidentiality is respected.

“Having spent between 8 - 10 years living and working out of my bedroom (my business is online) and finding myself overwhelmed with anxiety and depression I was lonely and miserable. I had no social life, no friends apart from work colleagues, and leaving my bedroom was almost impossible. Within 8 weeks working with Linda 80% of my depression had gone, I attended my first solo social event, and made a friend.”

I.V. Florida, USA

“Yours is an entirely new concept specifically designed for Complex Ptsd. It also shows me logically how I am the master of my life. That I have the power to create my own road map of recovery to remission. The process is structured and manageable. It gives me strength and confidence knowing I am the master of my life. Thank you for choosing to share all that you do and are with us.”

D.Z. California, USA

“I just thought there was no hope for me. For the first time I have some hope because of your courses. I'm so grateful I found you because I've had Complex Ptsd for over 30 years. I'm in the medical field and over 30 years of therapy has not helped. I find your methodology helping me more than anything I've ever tried, so thank you!”

D.M. Connecticut, USA

“I was in another recovery program for 37 years but there was a big part of recovery that I still needed. It wasn’t available until six years ago. I didn’t find it until I was diagnosed with cptsd last year. I joined this group the beginning part of this year. I tend to walk my path in my own time frame. I think we all do. Well, it has turned out to be just what I needed to open the door for me to finally heal. It would take everything I had within me to do the work I would need to do. I soon found out I had joined a group created by a woman who was determined to fight for her life in spite of the obstacles she had to overcome. I was about to embark on a new beginning that would uncover my authentic self. I not only joined the group but I joined the Trauma Informed Movement program that was just starting up. Again, I was unaware that this program would not only change me from the inside out but it would change how I lived and navigated my entire life. Remember, I had already been in recovery for 36 years at the time. So with that in mind, I decided to make a commitment to myself to do this and follow through with it like I had done in the other recovery program. I continued watching Linda do the work and share her struggles and accomplishments with the group and that motivated me to do the same. Before long I began changing in ways I never thought possible. I kept paying attention and following direction struggling myself but also having positive results even though I’m sure it wasn’t apparent at first. It wasn’t easy and I had a lot of work to do to get the results I was a witness to everyday. It is true that it does work if you work it. I still have much to learn but such is life. Everyday is a process of taking in information and using what works and discarding what doesn’t. I’m definitely a work in progress today and I’m not done with me. I can’t do this by myself. I will always need the love and support from the people who have been where I have. Those who have gone before me, those who walk beside me and those who need me to be an example to become a better version of themselves. I can say today that I am happy and have experienced joy even though I’ve been through the darkest times anyone should ever have to face. It’s been worth the effort.”

Diana Zinz September 10, 2019, USA

“Thank you so much for posting, I've learned more from 25 minutes of this woman than all the years of therapy that I've had combined, since diagnosis. I went through a 6 week program on PTSD, did nothing. No, that's not true, it confused me even more. Made it worse in a way. I am obsessed enough about my recovery that I was able to maintain my attention until the end and understand what you were saying! (I also suffer ADHD). I have no doubts my recovery will be going a lot faster now because of you! I've saved your video and plan to watch it a few more times. Your analogies were perfect in explanation, for me. So, thank you again.”

B.L. Tennessee, U.S.

“Linda is an excellent trauma recovery coach and she will have you feeling better after you talk with her. Her understanding of Complex Trauma and strategies have me now enjoying my life, I have less triggers, and I'm achieving my dreams of study anxiety free.”

M.K. London, England